Our approach

Enhanced Public Realm
The new public realm will continue the themes and materials of the upgrade works planned for the High Street. This approach will provide a successfully integrated piece of public realm which identifies with Bromley and highlights the site’s unique location on the edge of Church House Gardens.

Our ambition is to use materials and planting to improve the link between the High Street and Church House Gardens.

These improvements will create an enhanced link to bring these two important public spaces together with this area appearing more open and an overall increase in public open space.

Green Space

Church House Gardens is one of Bromley’s finest assets and its proximity to the High Street is what makes it special. The emerging plans for Churchill Quarter aim to celebrate this hidden gem with a sequence of engaging public spaces with direct views and connections into Church House Gardens.

Garden Gateway

Cultural Heart - Vibrant Public Space
The Churchill Theatre is an icon within the town centre. The building has a strong presence on the High Street, but its entrance is a little hidden from view.

We would like to make the theatre the focus of a new public space which brings together a range of cultural, retail and dining experiences.

Promenade - A public street at the heart of Churchill Quarter
To connect seamlessly into the town centre and Church House Gardens, one of our big ideas is to create a public promenade which runs through the scheme.

Framed by new homes alongside a mix of community and commercial activities, the Promenade will include a variety of amenity spaces to create a distinctive new public space in the centre of Bromley.

Design Quality - The mansion block

We believe that the Churchill Quarter buildings should reflect the elegance of traditional mansion blocks which line streets across London. The quality of this kind of architecture relies on proportion, scale and detail, all of which create interesting and distinctive facades.

We are proposing brick as the main facade material, bringing familiarity and robustness to the scheme. We will explore a range of different colours, tones and textures of brick to complement the new public spaces.

In the tradition of successful London streets, we will celebrate the ‘front door’ of every mansion block by ensuring each entrance has its own identity.

New Homes
Homes should be designed from the inside out and the outside in. We know how important it is to have spaces that are easily furnished, with lots of convenient storage space.

The homes at Churchill Quarter will have fantastic views across the town centre, the Gardens and the Promenade, and we are exploring the best ways to capture these views while protecting privacy within the home.